Bagan’s countryside with hiking

Brief Itinerary

Travel to Mount Popa, an extinct volcano that rises more than 1500 metres high.Mount Popa is believed to be the home of the Nats, 37 guardian spirits worshipped by the Myanmar People.
On the way to journey, explore the local village which is famous for its toddy palm trees.See how the local farmers use the trees to produce everything like table,chairs,palm sugar and alcoholic toddy wine.
Continue to two villages called Taung village and Myant village which is situated on the volcanic slopes for a short hiking. Although it is not very far from Bagan, you can see how the weather and environment is different.Because of the volcanic ash and water spring, the soil and weather at Popa are particularly good for plant growth. That's why, you can see more shady trees, very beautiful plantation like tomato,green chilli, sweet corn,pigeon pea and sunflowers.

Between two villages, there is a water spring where all the village people come and curry the water to use and you can see how they have a shower in there. Continue to another village where our car is waiting. Altogether, it will take about 45 minutes for hiking. Arrive at the base of Taung Kalat, a volcanic plug where a massive shrine has been constructed. Get a glimpse into this unique form of worship at a small museum where statues of each Nat are displayed. Then climb the stairs to the top of the shrine about 900 steps, joining local pilgrims on the way, learn more about the Nats and the role they play in Myanmar culture. Upon reaching the top, relax and enjoy the views.
The return to Bagan, arriving late in the afternoon and the rest of the day is leisure.

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