Monywa Day Tour

Brief Itinerary

Full day private tour from Mandalay to Monywa and its surrounding area. Monywa, the capital of Sagaing State, is situated on the eastern bank of Chindwin River and about 3 hours car journey from Mandalay. It is a major center for trade and commerce for agricultural produce from surrounding Chindwin Valley. The highlights of the tour include Mohnyin Thanboddhay Pagoda, Bohti Tataung Pagoda, Shweguni Pagoda, Kyaukka Village, Hpowin Taung, Shwe Ba Taung. Led by friendly local licensed tour guide on a private transport with pick up and drop off from your hotel.
Our tour guide and driver will pick you up from your hotel in Mandalay.

We will drive towards Monywa situated on the eastern bank of Chindwin River.
Our first stop is at Mohnyin Thanboddhay, temple with a unique shape in the whole of Myanmar resembling Boroburdur in Indonesia. We will then continue to Mahar Bodhi Tataung Laykyun Setkyar Pagoda, the site has one thousand Bodhi trees and each tree has a large Buddha image underneath. It also houses the second largest reclining Buddha in Myanmar. Afterwards, we will proceed to Shwe Gu Ni pagoda which is famous among locals for its wish-fulfilling powers and Kyaukka Village which is well known for pre-Chaing Mai style lacquer ware since Konbaung era. Typical black and gold lacquer wares of Kyaukkar are heavier and more refined and artistic than Bagan lacquer wares.


We will stop for lunch before proceeding to the western bank of Chindwin River to explore Hpo Win Taung (Powin Taung) and Shwe Ba Taung. Hpo Win Taung is an extra ordinary Buddhist cave complex that contains 947 sandstone caves dug out of the hill and contain many carved Buddha images and well preserved mural paintings of geometric pattern and Jataka stories (ancient Buddhist history) in vivid colors dated between 14th and 18th centuries. It has been claimed by archaeologist to be the the riches collection of mural paintings and Buddha statues in South East Asia.

Our last stop is Shwe Ba Taung, is a short walk from Hpo Win Taung. Monasteries and temples are carved out of the narrow volcanic rocky cliffs with some additional structures were being built during the colonial era, such as the brick entrances with archways built across the pillars complete with Corinthian capitals. Mural painting dates 13th century could be seen in inner walls of some caves.
Our day excursion ends here and we will transfer you back to your hotel in Mandalay for arrival in the late afternoon/ early evening.